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Entity: Ghost Hunting

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Incredible Atmosphere

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Use your detective skills to find the entity that haunts the premises your actions may enrage the entity and lead to an attack

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You will not be alone in your investigation, up to 4 other friends will support you, in order to resist to the threat

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Gameplay Entity Ghost Hunting
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Play for free

The 100% free prologue version of the game is available for download on Steam. Experience the thrill of the investigation on your own or with others.

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Procedural Ghost

The ghost is procedurally generated. His unpredictable movements and abilities create a unique and frightening experience every time, to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Interactive objects, creaking doors and mysterious noises heighten the tension, plunging players into a terrifying, immersive experience.

Gameplay Entity Ghost Hunting

Join the community

Participate in the development of the game through the discord community. Talk directly to the developers to bring up suggestions or simply meet other investigators

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